Pappu Recycles!! is an initiative conceived and founded by Saaf Suthra Sheher, to mainstream recycling into the society, by working together with citizens, especially the youth and the conscious.

Under this campaign, we collect all recyclable waste, and guarantee it gets recycled, without letting any of it go to a landfill or to an environmentally or socially harmful industry. Together with the citizens, we reduce the volume of waste going to landfills, streams and grasslands. We also instil social responsibility in all ages, and all of this without any inconvenience to the consumer.

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Recycle at Your House

Do you know what happens to you trash when it leaves the house?

It is time to play your part in keeping your street and neighbourhood clean. Simply fill out the Pappu Recycles registration form using the link below, accept our terms and conditions and begin recycling.

The Pappu Recycles team will guide you on segregating your waste and visit your house to collect recyclables such as paper, plastic, metal, glass and Tetra Paks. Currently Pappu Recycles is only visiting houses in Islamabad.

Registration Form:

If you have any questions, please call or email us:
Phone: +92 316 5279758

Recycle at Your Workplace

Saaf Suthra Sheher has partnered with over 25 entities in Islamabad to help them responsibly manage their waste. Our partners include hotels, schools, offices and embassies across the city.

Saaf Suthra Sheher’s team works closely with each partner to prepare and set up a customized Waste Management and Recycling system, with a focus on segregation at source. We also provide trainings for all staff and statistics on how much waste your workplace has recycled.

If you would like partner with Saaf Suthra Sheher to reduce your workplace’s waste footprint, get in touch with our team now!

Recycle at Your School

Pappu Recycles believes that teaching the younger generation to responsibly manage their waste is crucial for healthy cities in the future. We partner with schools to not only collect and recycle dry waste, but also engage the students to understand the perils of waste and its management.

By inculcating a culture of managing and segregating the waste at the place where it is being produced, Pappu Recycles aims encourage students to practice sustainable waste management at their homes.

If you would like partner with Pappu Recycles to recycle at your school, get in touch with our team now!
Phone: +92 316 5279758

Recycle at Your Event

Funfairs, festivals and conferences can generate large amounts of waste. Pappu Recycles provides guidance, plans, services and infrastructure to reduce your event’s footprint by reducing and responsibly managing and recycling the waste at your event.

If you would like partner with Pappu Recycles to recycle at your event, get in touch with our team now!
Phone: +92 316 5279758